7Leafshop Shipping Delivery and Damaged Returns Policy

Delivery and tracking:

We send the parcel by registered mail and provide you with a tracking number that you can use to track the location of your parcel

Please kindly use it and be aware of your parcel location. In case you did not pick up your parcel at the post office, we are not responsible for your loss and would not be able to make a refund.

Please kindly note, if the package will return to us, we may re-send it back to you upon request for a fee. We do not do a free package re-sending. In this case, it may not get back to you on time and not in its best shape. Please make sure you pick up your order from the post office.

After your order is completed, 7leafshop.com provides a tracking number. All parcels are shipped with a signature request option. This is an additional option to get your package to you safely. Please check your order by tracking number and pick up your parcels upon arrival. Depending on country and region policies, the package may not be held at the post office for 7-14 days, and if the parcel is not accepted, it will be returned to us. If that is the case, you can pay for re-sending and we will re-deliver them upon arrival.  

During holiday times (including pre-Christmas Days), delivery time can increase due to high traffic in the shipping companies.

Make sure you order AT LEAST 2 months before your special date!

IMPORTANT (Returns):

Since all our product is custom made we have no return policy. The only exception is when you receive your parcel Damaged.

Please check that the merchandise is intact upon receiving. If that is not the case – Do Not accept delivery, Reject and mark it Damaged within the post office or with the mailman.

The package will be returned to us and we will process the Refund upon arrival. 

However, on all Accepted packages that are damaged, we can not process the reimbursement, as no insurance claims can be made. 

Be careful, If that unfortunate case happens, still let us know. Thank you.


Please make sure you have specified your shipping address properly and correctly. Please double-check! 7Leafshop.com is not responsible for the delivery to misspelled addresses.

Thank you for your order and trust!

♥ 7leafshop.com


All our items are:

  • Well Packaged. All items are shipped in the packing proved to deliver your fragile items with minimum damage.
  • Traceable Packages. You will receive a tracking number to follow up on your delivery.
  • Signature Required. Upon arrival make sure there is no damage to the box before signing for your package. Read the refunds and returns section below for details

North America (the USA and Canada). Your order will take around:

  • 2-3 weeks to arrive
  • 4-6 weeks during the holiday(s) season or COVID-19 restrictions

Europe (all countries except listed below):

  • 2-3 weeks to arrive
  • 4-6 weeks during the holiday(s) season

Germany, Australia and New Zealand: We do not ship to these countries as it is forbidden by law. Thank you for understanding.